SIDDHARTHA Hospitality Pvt. Ltd.

With 25 years of experience in the hospitality sector, Siddhartha Business Group of Hospitality (SBGH) stands as one of Nepal's rapidly expanding chains in this industry. SBGH's journey began modestly in 1998 with a fast-food cafe in Tikapur, led by Mr. Laxman Neupane, the chairperson, who has since set a remarkable standard for hospitality in Nepal.

As a prominent player in the hospitality arena, SBGH has diversified its presence with various branches encompassing hotels, a training institute, cafes, bakeries, a hospitality trade center, and an ongoing expansion into luxurious hotels and resorts. Over these 25 years, SBGH continues to evolve, committed to delivering exceptional experiences to its patrons, embodying the ethos of "Hospitality from the heart."

Yet, the journey of success doesn't conclude here; SBGH has ambitious plans for the future. These encompass expanding its portfolio with new projects that continually bring novel and unexpected experiences to their customers' tables.



Identity and Uniqueness

Since ‘Hospitality from the Heart’ is SBGH's motto, the company embodies the popular mantra ‘Atithi Devo Bhava:’ (the guests are gods) through its quality services to the guests. The other signature mark of the company is its physical environment of its outlets in terms of aesthetics, greenery, space, accessibility and cleanliness. Therefore, a client can find himself in spacious environs amid lush green open garden, cottages, water pools and fountains in most of the company’s outlets.

Likewise, the company is equally concerned about the taste and hygiene of the foods and beverages. With an array of facilities and services SBGH is an one-stop solution for all sorts of guests, foreigners or natives, who intend to eat or stay as well as relax or engage in interactive and fun-filled events. The company invariably values the every penny spend by its clients by offering quality and affordable foods and service. Always offering service with smile, the company bears in mind the ‘three Hs’; hygiene, hospitality and happiness to meet up high standard hospitality.